As an independent management consultant and certified Scrum Master, I support companies in process management, in structural and process organization, in the application of agile methods and in digital transformation.

If you want to promote AI topics and use cases in your company, I am the right contact person. I will help you to identify business problems that are relevant to your business strategy and your business model and that can be solved with artificial intelligence to create value. Free your employees from annoying, time-consuming, monotonous activities with artificial intelligence and accelerate your processes.



Find out what your digital maturity level is and take a Digital Readiness Test. Learn how to drive digital transformation in your organization.

Learn how you can profitably apply the three currently most important artificial intelligence technologies in your company and industry. In order to be able to advise you even better here, I have completed a certificate course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management on the subject of Artificial Intelligence. Learn about the latest AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Natural Language Processing. Be inspired to learn how these three currently most important artificial intelligence technologies can be put to profitable use in your company and your industry.

Learn what the steps of the Digital Road Map are and learn critical success factors and risks before you get started.

Talk to me, I can organise a workshop if you wish.

Benefit from the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and

  • Improve your customer experience,
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your processes,
  • Make better management decisions in time thanks to AI Analytics.



MCW Consulting supports companies in process management, structural and process organisation, the application of agile methods and digital transformation.

In the context of digitalization, MCW Consulting supports companies in automating business processes and making them more agile. Process data is analyzed and risks and controls as well as new insights are visualized with the help of digital technologies such as Business Analytics, Big Data and Dashboards.

In addition, MCW Consulting offers solutions for regulatory compliance to cope with the flood of legislation and for anti-money laundering (measures to implement the Money Laundering Act). MCW Consulting thus helps companies to identify, assess and manage risks in their companies.

Marion Willems Scrum Master

I advise listed and medium-sized companies on process management, digitization (AI) and agile methods. With these main focuses I have expanded my acquired know-how in the field of processes, risks and project management.

It challenges me to improve business processes with process management, modern technologies and agile methods in such a way that the employees experience facilitations in their daily work and gain more time to solve relevant problems in their field of work.

In order to enrich the consulting with artificial intelligence (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and agile methods (Scrum Alliance), I have been certified within the scope of intensive advanced training.

2005 – today: Start as a self-employed management consultant; first consulting assignments for listed companies on the subject of Sox (development of internal control systems to identify process-related risks); project management with a focus on process optimization, weak point analysis, risk management; expansion of know-how on the subject of compliance management and consulting assignments in this area; international consulting assignments in Luxembourg and outside Europe

2004 – 2005: Preparation for self-employment in order to advise companies on their own responsibility Network building with other consultants, lawyers, auditors; professional further training

1997 – 2004: Consolidation of consulting know-how as project manager at KPMG; auditing and consulting of listed companies

1991- 1996: Career entry at PricewaterhouseCoopers as Diplom-Kauffrau; audit of numerous listed companies in various industries; know-how regarding audit of annual financial statements, business processes, internal control systems, methodological knowledge acquired; stations in Hanover and Frankfurt; first international station in Barcelona as part of an expat program, audit management

1985 – 1991: Studies at the Universities of Bonn (VWL) and Cologne (BWL) with the degree Diplom-Kauffrau (Business Administration)


Software company (Process Mining):
Startup wants to distribute its AI software to interested industrial companies that want to use algorithms to collect data in their business processes.
Consultation of the management in addressing customers with the help of use cases for typical business processes; creation of customer presentations and demo versions for addressing customers

Software company (Data Analyst):
Startup would like to distribute its AI software to interested industrial companies.
Consulting of the management in the creation of use cases for the customer approach regarding business analytics; joint development of an IT tool for money laundering prevention analysis.

Registered Association:
An honorary active association would like to receive a regular and current overview and status of different projects; introduction of agile methods (Scrum).
Implementation of the project management with the help of Scrum technology, execution of sprints and retrospectives, attainment of a company-wide understanding of Scrum by the employees.

International listed group of companies:
Compliance audit; examination of Group-wide compliance with legal requirements and their implementation within and outside Europe; random sampling audit
Audit report to the Management Board

Carbon Market Company:
Implementation of a risk and compliance management strategy in accordance with legal requirements through to operational implementation, implementation of preventive anti-money laundering measures
company-wide implementation of risk-oriented counterparty compliance management and anti-money laundering checks

Listed industrial company:
Employee training in compliance management


In compliance and risk management as well as in the context of digitization, I work together with renowned attorneys as well as process consulting and business analytics companies and auditors. To bundle my Compliance Management Know-How, I have created the website for this purpose.


I actively exchange knowledge and experience in the following networks:

German Association of Journalists (DFJV);

KölnAlumni (Alumni of the University of Cologne)

German Institute for Compliance e.V., DICO

Scrum Alliance



MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Publications list (extract):


Diplom-Kauffrau Marion Charlotte WillemsScrum Master ® (Scrum Alliance)

Am Römischen Hof 28, 61352 Bad Homburg

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